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Our Mission and Commitment
Throughout Schnader's successful history, our mission has remained central and unifying: commitment to excellence in practicing law, responsiveness to clients, adherence to high ethical standards, pursuit of truth and fairness, and service to the communities in which our attorneys and clients work and live. Our Diversity Core Values reflect the Firm's mission and its dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Our Diversity Core Values
The principles of Truth, Integrity, Respect and Fairness are demonstrated in all that we do:

  • Culture - We foster a culture where everyone feels valued, supported, comfortable and included in an environment that creates opportunity to contribute, advance and thrive.
  • Firm Leadership - We integrate the values of diversity and inclusion into the Firm's vision, policies, practices and overall strategic plan.
  • Hiring - We recruit from a diverse pool of candidates, both for our summer program and for lateral attorney positions.
  • Attorney Development - We take a proactive and structured approach, providing continuous opportunities and support to attorneys of color, women, LGBT, and other underrepresented groups, to ensure they reach their full potential as attorneys.

Our Diverse History
Bernard Segal, a founding member of the Firm, believed that the "hallmark" of Schnader was its dedication to the higher calling, which is the lawyer's obligation to assume an active role in the pursuit of a just and ordered society; in helping to solve the emerging problems of social, economic and political importance; and to serve the public as his or her client, as she or he would serve a full-paying client.

More than 75 years later, the Firm remains steadfast in its commitment to these founding principles, which are embodied in Judge Timothy Lewis’ recent Philadelphia Bar Association Higginbotham speech, a provocative and impassioned reflection on the struggles related to racism, diversity, justice, and inclusion, and how the legal profession can—and must—do more to address these challenging issues. The Firm's support of programs such as the ones below, combines our civic commitment with our Diversity Core Values, resulting in overall improvement within our communities. The Firm actively supports and incentivizes all attorneys to devote a significant portion of their time to pro bono activities and volunteer efforts that support these programs.  For additional information, please see Our Diverse History.

Firm Initiatives
  • Diversity Committee
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Individual Diversity Action Plan
  • Women's Initiative

For additional information, please see Firm Initiatives.