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Diversity Policy

Workforce diversity refers to a workplace in which employee differences in race, gender, age, and other individual characteristics are celebrated and encouraged. The Firm understands that diversity is an important business imperative as it affects, among other things, productivity, morale and loyalty. It is Schnader's policy to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion by creating an environment in which employee differences are recognized, understood and valued.

Commitment to Fair Treatment
Schnader is committed to the principles of fairness and respect of all people. As part of this commitment, we make significant efforts to promote diversity in the workplace. We believe that promoting diversity plays an important role in attracting the widest pool of qualified applicants, fostering greater innovation and creativity, and enhancing our communication and relationships with our clients and the community. This results in our developing a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients and our ability to approach creatively those needs. We promote diversity by developing policies, procedures and programs that foster a work environment in which differences are respected and the rich backgrounds and abilities of everyone in the Firm are fully utilized.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Schnader is committed to providing equal employment and promotion opportunities to all employees and applicants regardless of race, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, age, religion, disability, status as a Vietnam era veteran, genetic information, or any other characteristic that is protected by federal, state or local law. Equal opportunity extends to all aspects of the employment relationship, including hiring, promotions, training, working conditions, compensation and benefits. Our commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination is exemplified in our recruitment, hiring, professional development and promotion policies and practices.