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Al Dandridge Discusses Homeless Veterans Issues with The Philadelphia Tribune

On February 26, 2015 by Schnader in Litigation

In the February 26, 2015 edition of The Philadelphia Tribune, Schnader partner, Chief Diversity Officer and Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Albert S. Dandridge, III discussed at length issues related to homeless veterans. In the article, “Chancellor of bar association reaching for homeless veterans’ inclusion,” Mr. Dandridge explained his thoughts and goals related to veterans initiatives during his year as chancellor.

“We are making strides in the inclusion of all races, genders and cultures,” said Mr. Dandridge in the article. “We are reaching across the world to share positive solutions to problems and issues that affect other bar associations and the world community, not just our Bar Association and city. But, we could be doing more, and we could be doing more to foster collective endeavors.”

During his inaugural address as chancellor, Mr. Dandridge recounted the lessons learned during his early days as a U.S. Marine, his decision to become a lawyer, and the experiences he cultivated in the ensuing decades. He also tasked the Bar Association with  strengthening outreach to the veterans’ community, including seeking legislative solutions to veterans’ issues; participating in military assistance programs, such as counseling military personnel about predatory lending practices; and reaching out to the Veterans Administration to educate and assist veterans in receiving the benefits to which they are entitled.

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