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Aviation Happenings: Summer 2021

On June 16, 2021 by Schnader in Aviation

The Summer 2021 edition of the Aviation Group’s newsletter examines some of the most recent and relevant cases and developments in aviation, including:

  • The U.S. Supreme Court No Longer Requires a Strict Causal Connection to Establish Specific Personal Jurisdiction
  • Washington Court of Appeals Affirms That Denial of Coverage for Engine Overheating Damage Was Proper
  • Trial and Appellate Courts Reach Different Conclusions on Coverage Available Following Mid-Air Collision of Two Airplanes Covered By a Fleet Policy
  • Cleared Direct to Philadelphia: Straightforward Application of Federal Venue Transfer Statute Leads to Transfer of Washington Action Directly to Pennsylvania
  • Federal Judge Holds that an Airline Passenger Injured in Sweden Cannot Sue in New Jersey
  • Illinois Federal Trial Court Departs From Second, Third and Fifth Circuit Precedent and Rejects “Snap Removal”
  • California Federal Court Holds Airline Deregulation Act Only Preempts Plaintiff’s State Law Rescission Claims for Covid-19 Flight Cancellation Refunds but does not Apply to Plaintiff’s Breach of Contract Claims based on Airline’s Conditions of Carriage
  • Northern District of California Applies Montreal Convention To Dismiss Claims Against Carrier and Contractor For Purported Failure to Provide Medical Assistance
  • District of New Jersey Permits Passenger to Proceed with Claims Against United Airlines Under the State’s Anti-Discrimination Law
  • Delaware Federal Court Dismisses Negligent Misrepresentation Claims Against Engine Manufacturers for Failure to Conform to the Heightened Pleading Standards for Claims Sounding in Fraud
  • Eastern District of Washington Denies Winglet Manufacturer’s Motion to Dismiss and Rejects Arguments for Implied Preemption Following Fatal Crash

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