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Aviation Happenings: Winter 2020

On December 21, 2020 by Schnader in Aviation

The Winter 2020 edition of the Aviation Group’s newsletter examines some of the most recent and relevant cases and developments in aviation, including:

  • Eleventh Circuit Upholds Defense Contractor Dismissal while Questioning DOSHA Precedent
  • Eleventh Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment Dismissal of Claims by Unruly, Disabled Passenger
  • New York Court Addresses Governmental Confiscation of Aircraft, Insurance Coverage, and Loss
  • No Personal Jurisdiction over Garmin in Obstacle Crash Suit
  • It Takes Two to Tango: Dismissal at Pleading Stage Premature Where Concurrent Duties of Air Traffic Control may Create Liability on ATC Provider in Airplane Crash
  • An Airline that Registered to do Business in Pennsylvania Is Subject to General Personal Jurisdiction in Pennsylvania, Says Federal Judge
  • Eastern District of New York Dismisses Airline Passenger’s Claims for Emotional and Psychological Injuries Allegedly Caused by Removal from Flight
  • Texas Court Declines to Exercise Specific Personal Jurisdiction over In-State Product Line Successor in Burton v. Honeywell International, Inc.
  • Federal Court Dismisses Complaint Alleging that Airline Failed to Timely Refund Plaintiff for a Flight Cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Eastern District of New York Rules that Human Remains are “Cargo” for Purposes of the Montreal Convention
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Finds Specific Personal Jurisdiction over Foreign Manufacturer Whose Product Allegedly Caused Injuries to Foreign Plaintiff

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