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Aviation Happenings: Winter 2021

On December 17, 2021 by Schnader in Aviation

The Winter 2021 edition of the Aviation Group’s newsletter examines some of the most recent and relevant cases and developments in aviation, including:

  • Georgia Supreme Court Finds Out-of-State Entity Authorized to do Business in State is Subject to General Personal Jurisdiction
  • Registration to do Business in New York is Not Automatic Consent to Personal Jurisdiction
  • Nevada Federal Court Holds that the Air Carrier Access Act Does Not Establish a Private Cause of Action for Discrimination Based on Physical and/or Mental Impairments
  • Florida Federal Court Excludes Certain Expert Opinions and Other Evidence
  • Genuine Disputes of Material Fact Give Flight School and its President a One-way Ticket to Trial
  • The Abdullah Rule Remains Alive and Well in Trial Courts in the Third Circuit
  • Virginia District Court Finds Pilot Cannot Be Held Liable for Negligence Based Solely on his Status as Pilot in Command of the Aircraft at the Time of the Injury
  • Fatal Accident in Portland Terminal Leads to Drawn-Out Insurance Dispute Regarding Tender and Duty to Indemnify
  • Alabama Federal Court Remands Case Arising From Airline’s Alleged Mishandling of Human Remains During Transport to Mexico
  • Pain and Suffering Damages Now Permitted in California Survival Actions

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