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Barry Bressler and Michael Barrie Featured in Article About the Sale of the Harrisburg Mall

On July 9, 2009 by Schnader in News

Barry Bressler and Michael Barrie, both partners Philadelphia office, were mentioned and pictured in a July 9 article titled “Harrisburg Mall, Colonial Country Club Sold at Sheriff’s Auction.” Three financial groups joined forces to buy the Harrisburg Mall at a Dauphin County, Pennsylvania sheriff’s auction. COBA, Inc., a TD Bank subsidiary, holds a 70-percent interest. MB Harrisburg Holdings, LLC and First Harrisburg, Inc., each own a 15-percent interest. Feldman Lubert Adler Harrisburg, which held the deed for the property, defaulted on its $52 million mortgage with TD Bank. Mr. Bressler bid the $3,662 sheriff’s cost to buy the mall. He also entered a $48.9 million “upset bid,” which any other bidders would have to top to buy the mall. Nobody else entered a bid.

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