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Hon. Timothy K. Lewis Co-Authors Op-Ed in Notable Death Penalty Case

On April 21, 2016 by Schnader in Alternative Dispute Resolution

One of the Schnader’s distinguishing hallmarks is a dedication to fairness and social justice, especially within the legal system. Hon. Timothy K. Lewis, who often uses his voice to bring attention to matters of discrimination and injustice, has worked with Mark L. Early on a notable death penalty case.

Duane Buck is an African-American man who was sentenced to death in Texas after his own attorneys introduced “expert” testimony and report stating that because he is black, he is more likely to be dangerous in the future. The finding of future dangerousness is a prerequisite for a death sentence in Texas, and as a result of the testimony and evidence, the jury handed down a death sentence to Buck.

Judge Lewis and Mr. Early (former Attorney General of Virginia) filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court in support of Duane Buck’s petition for a writ of certiorari, arguing that the prejudicial use of race led to the jury’s decision to sentence him to death. Other signatories to the brief include Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and former White House Counsel Greg Craig.The Justices will address that for petition either tomorrow or in the coming days. 

In conjunction with the brief and impending decision, they also authored a powerful op-ed for USA Today entitled “Supreme Court must stand against race bias.” The piece was picked up by SCOTUSblog, The Marshall Project and several other media outlets.