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Judge Lewis Quoted on Judicial Nomination Process

On May 1, 2006 by Schnader in News

Judge Timothy Lewis was quoted in the article “Insiders Offer Glimpse into Alito Confirmation” in the May 2006 Philadelphia Bar Reporter, which discussed the confirmation of United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Judge Lewis commented in the article that the judicial confirmation and selection process has been referred to as the “intellectual equivalent of a barroom brawl. … We live in a time when everybody on both extremes seems to want to throw bombs at each other, mislead one another, distort the truth, all in the name of furthering their own agenda, whatever that might be. I’m talking about the far right and the far left and the special interest groups … I knew this was going to involve a lot of turmoil and ugliness, but I chose to become involved because it was a matter of principle and a matter of honor.”

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