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Laurel Brandstetter’s Op-Ed on Mueller Grand Jury Published in Philadelphia Inquirer

On August 28, 2017 by Schnader in Criminal Defense

Laurel Brandstetter authored an opinion piece published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, “What Mueller’s Empaneling of a Grand Jury Might Mean“. The op-ed pulls back the curtain on Mueller’s grand jury, as part of the Russia investigation, and discusses how the process actually works.

Brandstetter writes: “The formation of a grand jury by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has drawn attention to a part of the criminal investigation process that is usually conducted out of the spotlight. . . . When I was a prosecutor assigned to conduct large-scale public corruption investigations, use of a statewide grand jury was an essential tool that made it possible to do my job. The formation of a grand jury and the use of its powers demonstrate that Mueller is doing his job to pursue a criminal investigation, but it may indicate nothing more at this point. It’s a fairly routine process in extraordinary circumstances.”

For a more in-depth analysis of these issues by Brandstetter, also read “How the Federal Grand Jury Process Works“.

Laurel Brandstetter is chair of Schnader’s Criminal Defense and Internal Investigations Practice Group. She served as Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and was a prosecutor with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. She has extensive experience with federal, state, and local grand juries and all aspects of representing criminal defendants. Her practice also includes conducting internal investigations for municipalities, school districts, universities, and corporate clients.

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