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Schnader Leads the Implementation of Model Career Advocate Programs for the Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition

On June 12, 2019 by Schnader in Diversity

Keith E. Whitson, Managing Partner of Schnader’s Pittsburgh Office, helped to lead a training and kickoff event on June 12, 2019 for the “Model Career Advocate Program” of the Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition. This groundbreaking program is central to the mission of PLDIC to foster diversity and inclusion within the region’s legal community through the collaborative efforts of law firms, in-house legal departments, law schools, and affiliated organizations.

PLDIC developed the Model Career Advocate Program to assist its member organizations in instituting career advocate programs, and thereby develop and retain their women attorneys and diverse attorneys. Law firms and corporate legal departments benefit when attorneys of all backgrounds can gain the skills and opportunities necessary to move up the ranks and develop into high-performing leaders within the organization. Ensuring that all attorneys have those opportunities requires more than just mentoring. When attorneys have more senior attorneys advocate on their behalf, seek professional and business development opportunities for them, and take an active role in their development as attorneys and leaders, the attorneys are much more likely to become high-performing leaders and to remain with their organization.

Schnader is proud to be a founding member of PLDIC and is one of four organizations serving as models for initial implementation of the Career Advocate Program. Keith Whitson helped to plan this initiative and lead the training for participants on June 12.

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