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Co-chaired by Chief Diversity Officer and former Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, Albert S. Dandridge, III, and Lisa J. Rodriguez, managing partner of the firm’s Cherry Hill office, the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of professional staff, associates, junior and senior partners of the firm. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets monthly and is tasked with ensuring that the firm proactively develops and implements activities that promote diversity. In addition, the Committee:

• Educates the community-at-large about issues affecting minority attorneys.

• Participates in and supports community activities that advance diversity.

• Drafts and reviews policies that support inclusion within Schnader and promote diversity with our clients and vendors.

• Presents internal firm-wide continuing education on diversity and inclusion issues.


• Jeanne Schubert Barnum, Counsel

• Jo Bennett, Partner

• Albert S. Dandridge, III, Chief Diversity Officer

• Anne E. Kane, Partner

• Sheila Doyle Kelley, Counsel

• Nicholas J. LePore, III, Managing Partner

• Hon. Timothy K. Lewis, Counsel

• Julie P. Meyers, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Client Relations

• Claudia Rayer, Director of Human Resources

• Lisa J. Rodriguez, Partner and Co-Chair

• David Smith, Chairman

• Paul H. Titus, Counsel

• Keith E. Whitson, Partner

• Stephenie W. Yeung, Partner