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Chris Carty Presented “Current Employment Issues for Nonprofits” Seminar

On June 12, 2013 by Schnader

M. Christine Carty presented a webinar “Current Employment Issues for Nonprofits” on June 12, 2013. The program discussed how to comply with regulations concerning executive compensation and perks, how to apply existing laws to volunteers and interns, identify the legal issues that social media presents for employers and how to address the issues; and how to avoid the financial pitfalls to nonprofits in various state unemployment laws. The webinar also provided tools to avoid the imposition of taxes, penalties and fines, reduce costs, protect intellectual property, and avoid litigation.

Executive Compensation and Perks

  • IRS Framework
    • Prohibition on Excess Benefit/Self-Dealing Transactions
    • Perks as EBTs or Self-Dealing
    • Consequences of EBTs and Self-Dealing
    • Role of Form 990
  • How to Avoid EBTs and Self-Dealing in Compensation
    • Creating a Presumption of Fairness
    • Lack of Presumption

What Every Employer Should Know About the Affordable Care Act

  • How Does the ACA Apply to Nonprofit Employers?
  • What Is the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment and to Whom Does It Apply?
  • When Can Employees Gain Access to the Premium Tax Credit?
  • What Kind of New Information Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Should Employers Anticipate? What Are the Important Deadlines?
  • Are Religious Nonprofits Required to Provide Free Preventive Care to Women Employees?

Volunteer Intern or Employee?

  • What Is the Difference and Consequence of Each Category?
  • Restrictions on Volunteers/Interns
  • Special Issues
    • Students
    • Directors
  • Consequences of Misclassification?
  • Recommendations to Minimize Risk

Social Networking and Media

  • Issues Created by Social Networking and Media
  • Developing Social Media and Related Policies
  • Does the NLRA Apply to Nonunion Employers’ Social Media Policies and Practices?
  • Current Developments Regarding NLRB Jurisdiction

Employment Tax Compliance

  • IRS National Research Project (Employment Tax Audits)

To listen to a OnDemand version of the webinar, please click here.

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