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Justine Kasznica Delivered TEDx Budapest Talk “Who Owns the Space?”

On June 5, 2014 by Schnader

On June 6, Justine Kasznica, chair of the firm’s Innovation Practice Group, presented “Who Owns the Space?” during Budapest’s TEDx – Future 2.0.

Her presentation discussed the future of Space Law,  emphasizing the critical role of law and policy in shaping (and preparing for) the privatization of space. She touched on public-private partnerships and cross-border relationships as critical ingredients for successful development of the commercial space industry. 

Those who also presented with Ms. Kasznica were Joel Carnes, Vice President, Prize Operations, XPRIZE; Dr. Tibor Pacher, CEO / Leader, Team PuliSpace; John Walker, Rover Development Lead/Team Hakuto ; Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti, Team SpaceMETA; Mohd Izmir Yamin, Team Leader / Independence-X Aerospace; and Derek Webber, Executive Director/Spaceport Associates.

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