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Richard Barkasy Presents CLE Seminar “Collections: Seeking and Collecting a Judgment”

On May 7, 2012 by Schnader

Richard A. Barkasy, co-chair of the Firm’s Creditors’ Rights and Business Restructuring Practice Group, presented the CLE seminarĀ “Collections: Seeking and Collecting a Judgment” on May 7, 2012 for the National Business Institute in Dover, Delaware. The seminar provided practical advice and practice pointers from actual practitioners in the field on collections law including:

  • clarification on collection procedures and rules;
  • preventing delays in proceedings by knowing effective litigation strategies and motion practice;
  • avoiding improper service of process so your clients don’t lose their chance to collect;
  • effectively navigate the minefield of lien priority conflicts;
  • using pre-existing, unrecorded liens to defeat the shield of bankruptcy;
  • procedural nuts and bolts of judgment liens and garnishment – and the exemptions that apply;
  • traps that trigger liability claims;
  • best ways to discover and seize debtor assets;
  • how to use fraudulent conveyance claims as a useful tool for settlement; and
  • what to do with the judgment when the debtor files for bankruptcy.
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