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Schnader Attorneys Present “Predictive Coding: Thinking Outside the (Black) Box”

On September 20, 2012 by Schnader

John K. Gisleson and Thomas C. Gricks, III presented “Predictive Coding: Thinking Outside the (Black) Box” on September 20, 2012. The webinar, sponsored by the International Association of Defense Counsel, provided the background and tools needed to save time and money in litigation by implementing a successful predictive coding program. The webinar covered topics including:

  • The inadequacies of traditional document culling techniques, generally and by comparison with predictive coding
  • An overview of the predictive coding process
  • Alternative methods of training and seeding different predictive coding tools
  • Alternative methods of achieving stabilization of different predictive coding tools
  • Characteristics of the result sets generated by different predictive coding tools
  • Validating the results of a predictive coding program
  • Litigation strategies and protocols for training and validation
  • Recent case highlights including: 
    • Da Silva Moore
    • Global Aerospace
    • Kleen Products

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