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Schnader Attorneys Presented at 2015 AIA Conference

On May 2, 2015 by Schnader

Aviation Group chair Robert Williams, vice-chair Barry Alexander, and partner Denny Shupe presented at the 2015 Aviation Insurance Association (AIA) Conference, which took place May 2-5, 2015, in Colorado Springs.

On Sunday, May 3, Mr. Williams explored “Covered in Encino, Naked in Reno: Aviation Insurance Coverage Turns on a Patchwork of State Laws.” He described some of the state-by-state variation in insurance law, and how it can impact aviation claims.

On Tuesday, May 5, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Shupe discussed “Have You Read Your Insurance Policy? Lessons to Learn from the Dispute between BP and Transocean over Insurance Coverage for the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.” Transocean thought its contract with BP clearly allocated liability for the Deepwater Horizon disaster to BP. The additional insured language of Transocean’s insurance policies, however, led to litigation that almost led to BP receiving $750 million in insurance coverage under Transocean’s policies. While Transocean and its insurers successfully convinced the Texas Supreme Court that BP is not entitled to coverage, and the Fifth Circuit likely will abide by the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling, the issues raised in this litigation should have aviation insureds and insurers taking note.  This session explored the legal battle between Transocean/its insurers and BP, focusing on the important legal issues in dispute before the Texas Supreme Court, and the lessons that can and should be learned from it. 

About the AIA

The Aviation Insurance Association is a not-for-profit association dedicated to expanding the knowledge of and promoting the general welfare of the aviation insurance industry through numerous educational programs and events. AIA welcomes members of all facets of the aviation insurance industry, including such professionals as: agents/brokers, claims professionals, underwriters, attorneys, associates and college students interested in the business. Visit the website at

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