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Schnader Attorneys Presented “Hybrid Companies Combine Profit with a Social Mission”

On March 22, 2013 by Schnader

Cynthia G. Fischer and Jonathan R. Flora presented the webinar “Hybrid Companies Combine Profit with a Social Mission” on March 22, 2013 through Lorman Education Services. The webinar focused on hybrid business structures developed to accommodate the demand for corporate social responsibility.


Why Are Hybrid Business Structures, Such as the Benefit Corporation, a Current ‘Hot Topic’ and Trend on the Corporate/Legal Landscape?

  • Is It Corporate Social Responsibility or ‘Greenwashing’?
  • What Is Driving the State Legislatures?

What Is a Hybrid Entity?

  • What Are the Differences and Commonalties Among Benefit Corporations, Flexible Purpose Corporations, Social Purpose Corporations and L3C’s
  • The Benefit Corporation Model: Public Benefit/Transparency/Accountability
  • Clarity and Legal Protection for Directors and Officers

Tax Considerations

  • Overview of Taxation of Hybrid Companies
  • Comparison of Taxation of Hybrid Companies
  • Income Taxation of C Corporations
  • Income Taxation of S Corporations
  • Income Taxation of LLCs

Overview of State Laws

  • Current Laws
  • Pending Legislation

Practical Considerations

  • Conversion of Existing Entities
          – Income Tax Consequence of Conversion to a Benefit Corporation
  • Operating in States Without Hybrid Entities

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