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Trimmed Hedge Funds: How They Might Behave Differently Given Present Market Conditions

On August 6, 2008 by Schnader

Kevin Coleman acted as moderator for the presentation “Trimmed Hedge Funds:  How They Might Behave Differently Given Present Market Conditions,”  sponsored by The Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section of The Bar Association of San Francisco.


  • What is a hedge fund, anyway? It’s more about what it is NOT than what it IS

  • The current status of the “hedge fund market” and the remedial actions of market participants.  Are they working?

  • Marking to a non-existent market vs. marking to a bias ridden model.  How should esoteric and infrequently traded assets held by a hedge fund be valued and potential conflicts be avoided?

  • A newer and perhaps wounded player at the table:  the dynamics of having a hedge fund as a constituent in a workout situation in the current market

  • Considerations when the hedge fund goes assets up

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