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Schnader’s aviation team has litigated almost every claim imaginable on behalf of the world’s largest commercial airlines, specialized operators, private pilots, ground handlers, aircraft manufacturers, and component manufacturers. We understand the industry. We understand aviation law. We understand aviation insurance. We know the aviation plaintiff bar’s playbook. We know how to defend your aviation claim efficiently and effectively.

Representative Matters:

  • Schnader defended one of the nation’s largest commercial airlines in connection with a fan blade-out event. A fan blade failure during flight caused portions of a 737’s engine, inlet and cowling to separate, strike, and dislodge a passenger window. The cabin rapidly depressurized and the pilots conducted an emergency descent and diversion. Schnader helped resolve the multitude of resulting passenger claims, including a wrongful death claim.
  • Schnader defended a commercial airline from multiple claims arising from the aborted takeoff of an A320. During the incident, the front landing gear collapsed, and the aircraft traveled along the runway and then into the adjacent grass on its nose. The passengers evacuated by emergency slide.   
  • Schnader obtained a defense verdict at trial for a commercial airline in an injury case governed by the Montreal Convention in which a passenger claimed that she suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction after eating a meal that the airline served her. A jury found that the passenger’s injuries did not result from an “accident” within the meaning of the Montreal Convention.
  • Schnader defended one of the world’s leading ground handlers in a suit arising from an accident during cargo loading. A worker punctured a fiber drum containing a powder chemical while attempting to load a pallet onto an aircraft, causing the chemical to spill into the cargo hold and onto the ramp.
  • Schnader defended a commercial airline against a Montreal Convention claim alleging that the airline lost cremains that a passenger allegedly checked as luggage.
  • Schnader defended a commercial airline against a claim alleging that the airline ruined a shipment of pharmaceuticals by exposing it to excessive heat.
  • Schnader defended an air ambulance operator from wrongful death and survival claims arising from the crash of an EC135.
  • Schnader brought a multi-million-dollar breach of contract claim on behalf of an airline when the customer that hired the airline to transport cargo failed to pay amounts due under the contract.
  • Schnader has defended commercial airlines in a variety of lawsuits by passengers who claim that they suffered injury during severe turbulence or when struck by beverage carts, luggage, and storage bins.
  • Schnader has defended commercial airlines against claims by passengers removed from flights due to unruly behavior.

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