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Colleges and universities and their affiliated entities are distinctive: they serve a wide constituency, are governed by myriad laws, and operate in an organizational and cultural environment different from any other. In addition, they are under constant pressure to remain competitive and must be flexible to adapt to changes in technology and in the economy.

Schnader brings together attorneys with varied skill sets and backgrounds to provide a holistic and multifaceted approach to address the needs of our higher education clients. We respond to individual situations, always recognizing that plans must be practical and cost-effective. We also fully appreciate that our clients need to develop positive relationships within their local communities and all levels of government.

Our involvement with numerous higher education matters give us a head start in addressing short-term problems and realizing long-term goals, as we provide traditional legal counsel, training and information programs, policy and procedure review, and representation in dispute resolution.

Our Breadth of Experience and Perspective

Our Higher Education Practice provides colleges and universities with the support they need to address legal issues in daily operations and future initiatives. Our services include:

Governance: Advise trustees and administrators on fiduciary duties, state corporate law, federal tax-exemption related matters, and the creation, operation and dissolution of affiliated entities.

Employment: Defend against employment-related lawsuits, conduct independent investigations, advise on employment, labor and benefits compliance and strategies, and deliver or assist with training.

Campus Safety: Counsel  on Title IX and Clery Act compliance on an ongoing basis, review and update policies, deliver or assist with training, advise in the procurement of consultants and other related services, and serve as legal advisor to crisis management teams.

Tax: Address federal, state and local tax-exemption issues in the contexts of real estate, business, executive compensation and withholding. Assist development offices with planned giving issues, leveraging our deep experience in trusts and estates.

Intellectual Property: Assist with securing, protecting and/or transferring patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and licensing rights, and provide special services for academic research centers and related incubators.

Real Estate: Guide all stages of traditional and complex building and campus development projects, from campus planning to finance to regulatory compliance to construction implementation, including student housing, mixed-use projects, hotels and entertainment projects.

Contracted Services: Advise with many types of contractual relationships that support the day-to-day needs of schools, their faculty and students, including drafting, negotiating and implementing agreements for food services and hospitality, security, maintenance, utilities, equipment leasing, consulting services, subcontractor issues, and the full spectrum of procurement activities.

Our Attorneys

Karen Baillie 412-577-5118 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Samantha Banks 215-751-2287 Philadelphia, PA Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Richard A. Barkasy 215-751-2526 Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE Download vCard
Kevin S. Blanton 215-751-2419 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Ronald S. Cusano 412-577-5203 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Walter B. Ferst 215-751-2370 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Laurel Gift 412-577-5115 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Randall P. Hsia 215-751-2462 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Jonathan W. Hugg 215-751-2527 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Layal A. Issa 215-751-2498 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
George H. Kalikman 415-364-6734 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Anne E. Kane 215-751-2397 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Ellen H. Kueny 856-482-5720 Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Marilyn Z. Kutler 215-751-2684 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Nicholas J. LePore, III 215-751-2286 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Theresa E. Loscalzo 215-751-2254 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Joseph E. Lundy 215-751-2525 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Monica P. Matias 215-751-2577 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Lisa J. Rodriguez 856-482-5741 Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Cary Stewart Sklaren 212-973-8033 New York, NY Download vCard
Dennis R. Suplee 215-751-2068 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Paul H. Titus “In Memoriam” 412-577-5224 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Brittany C. Wakim 215-751-2092 Philadelphia, PA Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Christine M. Wechsler 215-751-2188 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Keith E. Whitson 412-577-5220 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard

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