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Client Successes

Schnader Achieves Great Results for Conrail


On July 20, 2005, Mike Mangan and Alison Finnegan achieved a great result in a case that pitted Conrail against a former lessee of a Conrail property, Cimco Terminals, Inc. and involved Conrail''s claims for back rent and related charges in the amount of roughly $1.2 million.
The case was set to begin a bench trial in Philadelphia County. Before the parties made their openings, the judge heard argument on pending cross-motions for summary judgment and then ruled from the bench in Conrail''s favor on both motions.  The parties immediately sought a recess and Cimco agreed to settle the case for roughly 70 percent of the damages that Conrail sought, essentially all of the back rent that Conrail claimed it was due.