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Overview of Business Law

Who We Are

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP is a multi-office law firm representing businesses from coast to coast. We serve the local, national and international needs of publicly held and privately owned organizations and firms and individuals engaged in the full range of commercial enterprises.

What We Do

Schnader’s Business Services Department provides legal representation in many areas including:

Where We Are Located

Schnader’s offices: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; New York City, New York; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; and Wilmington, Delaware.

Our Philosophy

It is a simple one. Proactive, common sense representation.

Our Corporate Client Value Propositions

 Schnader offers a full range of legal services that will fill the business needs of our clients. Our lawyers are accomplished and practical and provide sophisticated advice. We have broad experience in most areas of business law, and we provide first-class services in a cost-effective manner.

Working with the Business Client

 Our lawyers offer a combination of broad experience and a dedication to service.

Schnader Corporate Skills

This sampler will provide a glimpse of all the skills offered by Schnader attorneys and the reach of our practice:

  • Corporate governance consistent with regulatory and fiduciary requirements
  • Broad securities practice, including secondary offerings, PIPEs and corporate compliance with SEC, Exchange and NASDAQ regulation
  • Counseling on periodic reporting and insider trading issues
  • Comprehensive commercial practice, including ventures, licensing and distribution
  • Corporate compliance programs
  • Executive compensation structuring and parachute issues
  • Antitrust counseling and litigation
  • Governmental relations, including interface with the executive and legislative branches locally and in Washington
  • International experience in structuring transactions, and dealing with European and Japanese antimonopoly regulations
  • Full national, international, state and local tax practice
  • Sophisticated intellectual property practice, including patent prosecution and litigation in all technologies
  • Merger and acquisition experience in many different industries
  • Litigation practice of national stature, since Schnader’s founding in 1935

Working with Management

You will have direct contact with experienced practitioners. Many of our attorneys have worked in major American businesses, in the SEC or in other key regulatory agencies.

 While Schnader may staff engagements in part with junior attorneys, we do not train them at the expense of our clients. We provide depth at a fair fee structure.

 Schnader is committed to supporting in-house counsel in the manner you need. We understand when we are asked to lead, and when to follow. We will work on a variety of fee arrangements as required to meet your budget for outside services.

 We invite you to retain Schnader for a discrete corporate engagement and judge for yourself. Look at our service, our responsiveness and our fee structure. We look forward to serving you.

Working with the Middle-Market Corporate Client

Businesses competing in the middle market usually face all of the hardest problems: lean executive staffing stresses management; competition with larger competitors squeezes margins; capital is tight, particularly during expansion; and many decisions feel like “bet-the-company” moments, as you grow and find yourself in uncharted waters.

 Schnader business lawyers have been there and can counsel you.

 We will assist you with the network resources of our national Firm: for credit lines, for private and public capital, for strategic introductions, for acquisition opportunities and for growth.

 Many firms must retrofit to address the middle-market company. Schnader attorneys have been representing this kind of company all along. Our mindset is to support management proactively. We counsel as well as represent. We can be an extra layer of executive experience and insight when you reach your decision points.

Full Service

Our size permits us to serve a broad range of needs. Our attorneys not only provide national scope from offices coast to coast, but also possess the requisite skill sets to help solve big issues. We also identify and help correct little issues before they become big ones.


Schnader seeks to team with the middle-market company. We support and become part of your planning and strategic thinking. We take note of what you want, your budget and your time requirements. We suggest areas of savings — and identify areas where legal focus is important. Our attorneys look forward to working with you.

Our Attorneys

Richard A. Barkasy 215-751-2526 Philadelphia, PA Wilmington, DE Download vCard
Kevin S. Blanton 215-751-2419 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Melissa S. Blanton 215-751-2409 856-482-5751 Philadelphia, PA Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Krystal R. Bordoni-Cowley 215-751-2578 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Andrew Chou 215-751-2392 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Elliot Dater 412-577-5214 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Niamh Drury 212-973-8172 New York, NY Download vCard
Alexandra A. Fahringer 215-751-2015 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Walter B. Ferst 215-751-2370 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Thomas F. Giordano 212-973-8120 New York, NY Download vCard
Megan E. Harmon 412-577-5209 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Theodore L. Hecht 212-973-8160 New York, NY Download vCard
Sarah Hewitt 212-973-8123 New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Brad M. Jacobs 212-973-8075 New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
George H. Kalikman 415-364-6734 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Ronald E. Karam 215-751-2364 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
W. Drew Kastner 215-751-2122 Philadelphia, PA New York, NY Download vCard
Nicholas J. LePore, III 215-751-2286 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Joseph E. Lundy 215-751-2525 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
H. Lee Schwartzberg, Jr. 215-751-2283 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Gary N. Smith 212-973-8023 New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Joseph Tiger 212-973-8155 New York, NY Download vCard

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