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We are not just litigators, we are trial attorneys. Our attorneys have tried literally hundreds of cases and have received national recognition for our results. Our trial experience, along with the depth and breadth of our practice, will give you and your company the advantage. 

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No attorney can defend a product liability lawsuit adequately without a thorough understanding of your company’s products and their uses. At Schnader, we have experience with a wide range of products, such as automobiles, chemicals, consumer products, industrial equipment, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. 

The breadth of our practice has allowed us to formulate teams addressing the products that matter to you most. Our teams include: 

 Asbestos Defense  Food Preparation Equipment
 Aviation Products    Heavy Construction Equipment
 Building Materials  Industrial Equipment
 Consumer Products  Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
 Crane and Aerial Devices  Solar Panel Generation
 Electrical Equipment  Tools

In addition, our Product Liability Practice Group has teamed up with Schnader’s Environmental Practice Group to create a multi-disciplinary Toxic Tort Team. Our team has handled litigation involving innumerable metals, fibers and particulates, solvents, gases, and other chemicals.

Our Product Liability Practice Group also has joined forces with Schnader’s Appellate Practice Group, one of the premier groups of appellate attorneys in the country. Clients retain our Product Liability Appellate/Post-Trial Team when faced with an adverse verdict or the prospect of an adverse verdict or to defend successful verdicts. If brought into the case prior to an appeal, our Appellate Team can help with the preservation of issues and establishing a complete record.

The breadth and depth of our experience allow us to provide our clients with the best possible service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Attorneys

Jodi A. Buratti 212-973-8022 New York, NY Download vCard
Robert L. Collings 215-751-2074 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Kristi J. Doughty 302-482-4038 Wilmington, DE Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Stephen H. Dye 415-364-6713 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
John A. Eberlein 415-364-6759 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Jay Evans 412-577-5122 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Arlene Fickler 215-751-2332 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Heather Janis Gaw 212-973-8066 New York, NY Download vCard
Charles F. Harlow 415-364-6731 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Craig L. Hodgson 415-364-6726 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Alice Sacks Johnston 412-577-5121 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Andrew Kates 212-973-8009 New York, NY Download vCard
Carol Notias Kotsinis 212-973-8148 New York, NY Download vCard
Ellen H. Kueny 856-482-5720 Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Richard J. May 415-364-6727 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Leo J. Murphy 415-364-6709 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
Polly Phillippi 856-482-5725 Cherry Hill, NJ Download vCard
Brandy S. Ringer 412-577-5222 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Carl J. Schaerf 212-973-8005 New York, NY Download vCard
Michael B. Sena 212-973-8008 New York, NY Download vCard
Cary Stewart Sklaren 212-973-8033 New York, NY Download vCard
Jonathan B. Skowron 412-577-5113 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Gary N. Smith 212-973-8023 New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Jennifer K. Thai 415-364-6732 San Francisco, CA Download vCard
John R. Timmer 215-751-2451 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Anthony Watkins 215-751-2367 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Ralph G. Wellington 215-751-2488 Philadelphia, PA Download vCard
Keith E. Whitson 412-577-5220 Pittsburgh, PA Download vCard
Saul Wilensky 212-973-8044 New York, NY Download vCard

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