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Schnader has litigated thousands of asbestos cases and, with the attorneys in our Appellate Practice Group, routinely handles appeals in such cases. We are not just litigators; we are trial lawyers and we have a proven track record of trying cases. We have acted as national coordinating counsel, national discovery support counsel, regional counsel, and local counsel in asbestos cases, depending on the needs of our clients. Our clients include both insurers and corporate clients, some with tens of thousands of pending asbestos cases, as well as others with fewer than 25 separate cases.

Our Asbestos Defense Group knows and understands the scientific and medical literature relating to various types of asbestos-containing products, the proper analytical techniques in investigating work exposures and ambient concentrations in the atmosphere, and the science and junk science utilized by plaintiffs’ experts. Our team regularly works with toxicologists, epidemiologists, certified industrial hygienists, and other disciplines necessary to prepare a proper defense. We are intimately familiar with the regulatory framework for such substances and can bring to bear our attorneys’ tremendous experience with the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and similar state agencies. Indeed, our team includes lawyers who previously have represented the EPA as well as lawyers who practiced as environmental engineers before becoming attorneys.

The best settlements come from being willing and able to try cases, and our opponents know and understand that we are prepared to go to trial. When defending manufacturers and suppliers in asbestos litigation, we seek in partnership with our clients not only to obtain favorable results in currently pending cases, but also to break the cycle of cases being filed and discourage plaintiffs’ firms from naming our clients in future cases in the first instance, without adequate basis. We understand that getting caught in the cycle of asbestos litigation can be devastating for any business. Our primary goal, where possible, is to end the litigation as a whole for our clients.

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