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Schnader’s Toxic Tort Team focuses on defending the Firm’s clients from plaintiffs who allege harm from exposure to hazardous substances. Most often, these claims arise from alleged exposures to substances released into the environment or from occupational exposure. These types of claims often involve complex causation issues and can include hundreds if not thousands of plaintiffs, exposing the client to substantial liability. Knowledge of the hazardous substances at issue, the potential health risks of such substances and any applicable cleanup criteria or regulatory standards is crucial to a proper defense.

Our Toxic Tort Team consists of members of our Environmental Practice Group as well as our Product Liability Practice Group. The combined strength of both these practice groups provides an edge when addressing these complex causation issues and identifying other potential causes. Our team regularly works with toxicologists, epidemiologists, certified industrial hygienists, and other disciplines necessary to a proper defense. We know and understand the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (“ATSDR”) and similar toxicological profiles. We understand that fate and transport modeling, air modeling and groundwater monitoring methodologies used as part of the remediation process at a site can be valuable tools in defending a toxic tort claim, and regularly apply these procedures to strengthen the defense. We are intimately familiar with the regulatory framework for such substances and can bring to bear tremendous experience with the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and state environmental agencies. Indeed, our team includes lawyers that previously have represented the EPA as well as lawyers that actually practiced as environmental engineers before becoming attorneys.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to toxic tort claims that provides our clients with the strength of two nationally recognized practice groups.

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