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Aviation Happenings- Winter 2016-2017

On December 13, 2016 by Schnader

Part 2 of the winter edition of the Aviation Group’s newsletter examines some of the most recent and relevant cases and developments in aviation law, including: 

  • Supreme Court Affirms Presumption Against Preemption Does Not Apply to Express Preemption Provisions
  • Government Contractor Defense for Manufacturers is Expanded in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Different Product Does Not Constitute Safer Alternative Design
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Clarify the Standard for Establishing Insurer Bad Faith
  • Remand of Removal Based on Federal Officer Jurisdiction
  • Federal Court Decision Shows Airlines’ Heavy Burden to Obtain Forum Non Conveniens Dismissal in Passenger Injury Cases
  • Courts in Ninth Circuit Continue to Apply a Nuanced Approach to Enforcing Touhy Regulations

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