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Book Review – The Worlds of Chippy Patterson

On March 23, 2021 by Schnader

Dennis R. Suplee published an article, “Book Review – The Worlds of Chippy Patterson,” in The Journal of the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL). Suplee is an ACTL Fellow and has held many leadership positions in the organization, including Regent and Pennsylvania State Chair.

He wrote: “An explanation for the belated nature of this review, written 60+ years after the book’s publication in 1960: In the Spring of 1970, when I was 3 years out of law school, my wife’s Uncle Bob gave me this book with the assurance that I would like it. I thanked him and the next day put it on a bookshelf in my office with the thought that I would get to it when I was not so busy. A couple of months ago, 50+ years later, having never cracked it, I took the book off the shelf to make room for a recent acquisition. It occurred to me that, before chucking it, I owed it to Uncle Bob to read a few pages and so I did. And was completely hooked.”

Click here to read the full article (pages 133-134). Or download it here.

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