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Carl Schaerf Analyze Challenges for the Government Contractor’s Defense under the New Presidential Administration

On January 30, 2018 by Schnader

Carl Schaerf  published an article, “Navigating Choppy Waters for the Government Contractor’s Defense in Trump Age,” in the Products Liability Supplement of The Legal Intelligencer. They write:

“Companies contracting with the federal government should be aware that significant changes are likely under the Trump administration in the manner in which the government solicits and funds contracts and the extent to which the government recognizes knowledge of risks related to the goods or services subject to such contracts. When faced with litigation involving government contracts, companies often employ the Government Contractor’s Defense, which shields a contractor that has complied with reasonably precise government specifications from liability provided the contractor has warned the government of risks not otherwise known to the government. Thus, determining what the government “knew” with respect to the subject of the contract is of utmost importance to litigants in a case involving the Government Contractor’s Defense.”

Download the full article in PDF format. Or read the article online here.

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