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Jonathan Skowron Published “Protect Yourself: Limiting Your Potential Liability with a Solid Engagement Letter”

On June 15, 2018 by Schnader

Jonathan B. Skowron published an article in June’s AT ISSUE for the Young Lawyers Division, Pennsylvania Bar Association. The article describes practical considerations for engagement letters with clients, aimed at avoiding misunderstandings and potential disputes.

“One of the most rewarding moments in a young lawyer’s career is the day she gets her first client. In that moment, it can be easy to just cash the check and begin your zealous representation. First, however, you should give serious thought to an all-too-often rushed aspect of the attorney-client relationship: the engagement letter.

The engagement letter is the key document that will dictate what you do for your client, how you get paid, and what happens if something goes wrong. Yet, it is also often one of the last things new attorneys consider in the race to get business. This article will examine some of the typical terms of such letters and help you avoid costly pitfalls that can result when the details of representation are insufficiently defined.”

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