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Jonathan Stern Publishes “The Oxford Comma: Use It or Lose…”

On February 27, 2018 by Schnader

Jonathan M. Stern authored the Writers’ Corner column for the February 2018 issue of DRI’s For the Defense, “The Oxford Comma: Use It or Lose…”

Stern writes: “Remember the NBC television show Ed? Ed Stevens bought a bowling alley in his small Midwestern hometown after losing his job as an associate with a large Wall Street law firm. Ed lost his law firm job because he misplaced a comma in a contract. Omitted and misplaced commas have played a role in many cases. . . . The goal of all legal writing should be clarity. Whether writing a contract, a will, or a legal brief, we should strive to avoid ambiguity; ‘omitting the final comma may cause ambiguity whereas including it never will.'”

Click here to read the entire article.

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