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New Developments in Evidentiary Law in New York (Chapter)

On June 2, 2014 by Schnader

Saul Wilensky has authored a chapter entitled, “New York Attorneys Must Follow Legal Developments Carefully for Best Outcomes” in the book New Developments in Evidentiary Law in New York, Leading Lawyers on Understanding Recent Cases and Trends in Evidentiary Law, 2014 Edition.

Because New York is one of the few states that have not codified its rules of evidence, practitioners in New York must pay close attention to evidentiary law developments in both the trial and appellate courts. Recently, New York courts have modified a number of evidence doctrines. Although in some instances the courts’ extension or contraction of the rules of evidence seems slight, it is these fine distinctions that often determine the outcomes of close cases and create precedential law that attorneys practicing in New York must keep abreast of.

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