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Opposing Counsel CC’d Her Client; May I “Reply All”?

On November 26, 2018 by Schnader

Jonathan B. Skowron published “Opposing Counsel CC’d Her Client; May I ‘Reply All’?” in DRI’s The Voice. Skowron is an associate in the Litigation Services Department with experience in professional liability, product liability, insurance, business tort, and contractual litigation.

“An email from opposing counsel arrives in your inbox. As you scan the contents, you notice an odd email address in the ‘CC’ line. A second glance confirms it: Your opponent has openly copied her own client on her email to you. How do you respond? Do you drop the opposing party from the chain? Or do you ‘reply all’ and include the client? Are you even ethically permitted to ‘reply all’? This article explores recent ethics opinions regarding this moral quandary many of us face on a daily basis.”

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