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“The Supreme Court is about to make civility among lawyers mandatory and not aspirational”

On October 5, 2018 by Schnader

Jonathan Hugg and Benjamin Wanger published “The Supreme Court is about to make civility among lawyers mandatory and not aspirational” in the Harrisburg Patriot-News. This article analyzes the pros and cons of the proposed PA Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(g), which broadly prohibits attorneys from misconduct “based upon race, sex, gender […]

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Washington Post Op-Ed References Tim Lewis’s Brookings Report

On October 1, 2018 by Schnader

A Washington Post op-ed discussing the Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings references a Brookings Institution Report co-authored by Hon. Timothy K. Lewis. Judge Lewis co-wrote the Brookings Report with Laurence H. Tribe and Norman Eisen in September, discussing the substantive areas from which Kavanaugh would have to recuse under cases as a Supreme Court […]

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Third Circuit Permits Removal to Federal Court By A Forum Defendant Before Formal Service

On September 13, 2018 by Schnader

Brittany C. Wakim published “Why The 3rd Circuit Allowed Removal In Encompass” on Law360, assessing the impact of this precedential opinion for jurisdictional and removal issues. “In what appears to be the first ever appellate court ruling on the issue, the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has […]

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Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Establishes New Requirement for Preservation of Certain Jury-Instruction Errors in Civil Cases

On September 4, 2018 by Schnader

On August 21, a sharply divided Supreme Court of Pennsylvania held that a party to a civil case waives any challenge to a trial court’s failure to give a proposed jury instruction if the party does not obtain an on-the-record ruling by the trial court regarding the proposed instruction. The […]

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