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Schnader Assesses Landmark Labor Case in U.S. Supreme Court


UPDATE (10/04/2017). Read the blog post linked below for a brief assessment of the oral argument. It looks like "a deeply divided Court."

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Monday, October 2 in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, an important labor and employment case in which Schnader has filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Mortgage Bankers Association and State Mortgage Lending Associations.

The appeal, which consolidates three cases from different federal circuits, addresses whether an employer can require employees to resolve work-related disputes through individual arbitration and not through collective actions. Businesses have a lot at stake in this case. Employers depend on the efficiency and cost savings of arbitration, as well as the predictability and enforceability of class and collective action waivers, to resolve work-related conflicts.

Schnader has posted a summary analysis of the appeal on SchnaderWorks here.