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Aviation Happenings

Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 edition of the Aviation Group's newsletter examines some of the most recent and relevant cases and developments in aviation, including: 

  • Minnesota Appellate Court Affirms Judgment for Lycoming Engines Because Plaintiff’s Expert’s Testimony Lacks Intellectual Rigor
  • Flight School Liability: A Moving Target for Airlines Entering the Training Industry
  • Just When You Thought You Knew Everything You Needed To Know About Federal and State Statutes of Repose
  • U.S. Airlines Must Continue to Accept “Service Animals” While Department of Transportation Works Towards an Appropriate Definition
  • Utah Appellate Court Holds that Continental Motors is not Subject to Personal Jurisdiction
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Dismisses Action Against Helicopter Manufacturer Based on Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
  • Eleventh Circuit Holds that ADA Preempts State Law Purporting to Limit Amount Air Ambulance Can Charge for Services 

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